Reasons to Believe 2019!

Superintendent Dr. Lewis visited with Sthephanie, Ranslay and Eva at the ESOL table for Billy Mills’s annual celebration!


Spring has sprung!

Kongmany had a great time today, chasing down this tiny butterfly!

We heard from author Jessie Janowitz!

Ms. Janowitz says:  “First of all, I’m thrilled they loved the book. Second, my mom was an English Language Learner in a public school in NYC. She came to the US from Czechoslovakia when she was a little girl and her parents spoke Hungarian at home. And third, how cool that the class got to taste real Barney Greengrass! Barney Greengrass is also featured in The Doughnut King, the sequel, which comes out in May so keep an eye out for it.  Out of curiosity, did Barney’s know how you heard about them? They probably don’t get a lot of  orders from Lawrence. I love their back-and-whites! Too bad kreplach  soup doesn’t travel well. 😉 . Happy reading (and eating)!  Jessie” Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.07.36 PM

Barney Greengrass is real!

IMG_4590.JPGThe 6th graders loved reading The Doughnut Fix, and learning that Barney Greengrass in NYC is a real place!  Today, they celebrated finishing the book with treats from Barney Greengrass.  Bagels, challah, black-and-white cookies, and hamentashen were enjoyed by all.  Thanks so much to the Lawrence Public Library for sharing this book with us; to Jessie Janowitz for her fun book that taught us so many new things; and to Barney Greengrass, for getting our delicious treats to us quickly, and in perfect condition!  Can’t wait to read The Doughnut King!

Happy Potter Day!

6th grade ESOL students gave up their day off from school, on Friday, February 22nd, to spend the whole day at school, with Harry Potter!  They watched the first three Harry Potter movies, tried their luck with Bernie Botts Every Flavour Beans, and tested their incantations!  Wingardium Leviosa!IMG_4344

Keeping it 100!

These amazing students really know it how to “Keep it 100”!  They all earned 100 scores of 100% in their Read Theory homework assignment, during first semester.  Their prize?  Bowling and snacks at Royal Crest Lanes, on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019!  From L-R are: Amber (7), Jessie (7), Sofyan (8), Lohan (6), Aaron (6), and Ranslay (8)!  So proud of these hard-working readers!


Show & Tell Advisory Time

This year we have been using some Advisory Time to do Show & Tell–what a great time!